Save the Ducie Bridge & stop the constant destruction of Manchester Heritage.

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"The Ducie Bridge pub in Manchester’s NOMA development area is to be demolished after being found to be “highly unsafe”.

How can a functioning and safe pub that was an important and vibrant live music venue, suddenly within two-years reach this suspicious point?

And what are the plans to replace this large 1892 red brick, detailed neo-Jacobean public-house? NOMA plans to demolish it for it to become a carpark and no doubt landbank the land for future development.

Insiders say squatters kept the put in a solid condition in 2016 as confirmed by many media stories inside the pub, before their violent removal from the building. If there is minimal damage, then why can this not be rectified? Where is an independent surveyor report on what remedies could be made to prevent the demolition? Why no action to assist its structure (if it needs it), so it is not flattened for some hateful carpark? Really, how hard would it be to save this pub in this huge development area? 

With the constant war on and erosion of heritage and music venues in Manchester by the politically permissive despots, their attitude must be forced to change. Many future areas and building lay at risk with closed-door meetings of the political and planners likely having decided their fate, including the old Cornerhouse, Little Ireland, Hotspurs, Nothern Quarter heritage and places which instead of supporting the heritage and history of the city, are earmarked for destruction for easy short-term profit.

Signing this petition expresses support the disgust and continued anger at the institutions that encourage destruction, the erosion of character, of venues, of a people's history, the integrity and variance of loved places and heritage assets which can be saved. Enough is enough and it is beyond the time we rip up the fictions presenting to us as 'truths'...