Adopt E-VOTING method in Nigeria to curb electoral violence and enhance integrity of vote.

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A day prior to his death, Daniel Usman had shared a post on Facebook asking his friends to be careful not to get involved in any act of destructiveness. Sadly, he came to be at the receiving end. Experiencing an election that is free of chaos is a shared desire ahead of the polls, but it went on to become a dream that is hard to fulfill. Daniel Usman was only 19 (he represents youths ages 17-35 years who make up over 51% of the total number of registered voters) and was on his third year in a University. This is just an instance out of other tragic cases during the last general elections held February 23, 2019.

Elections in Nigeria over the years have been filled with violence and malpractice ranging from ballot snatching, vote buying, killings, rigging, disenfranchisement, thereby making a FREE AND FARE ELECTION always a dream that never comes through. 

In 2023, there will be another general election. We don't want to lose another promising youth like Daniel Usman. We don't want to lose any voter to gunshot at a Ballot-snatching attempt. We don't want delayed and controversial collation. We don't want N189 Billion Naira spent on chosing someone into an office. We want every vote to count indeed. We want results to be announced on time. We want a more economical, safe, and forensically auditable electoral process. 

Last year, the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, ruled out the possibility of implementing all the provisions of the amended Electoral Act towards 2019 elections on the basis of time. 2023 is four years away, I herewith appeal to the INEC to implement the provisions of the amended Electoral Act especially as it relates to electronic voting for future elections.