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Warner Bros, DC Comics, Time/Warner CEO Jeffrey L. Bewkes, WB CEO Barry M. Meyer, WB Pictures Group's Jeff Robinov, DC Comics President Diane Nelson, DC Comics Dan DiDio, DC Comics Jim Lee, and Filmmaker Christopher Nolan -

Concerned People of the World call upon Warner Bros and DC Comics to end its business patterns of creating, marketing, and distributing ultra-violent films, media, and products. These media and products glamorize characters that commit public mass-murder, terrorism, and mayhem.

Warner Bros and DC Comics make millions of dollars by mass merchandising films, media, and products glamorizing killers. Their inspiration of terror and incitement of violence must come to an end. These companies must use the blood money from such sales to aid the victims of criminals inspired by their glamorizing of mass murders - both in the United States and around the world

We have seen how these sick and twisted visions have inspired murders in Colorado and in Belgium, who have been responsible for killing helpless children. We have also seen how such twisted visions have infected the minds of young people around the world.

This has become a pattern with these businesses for some time. Warner Bros and DC Comics have been making and promoting films, books, and products that glamorize mass murderers. This is against all human dignity and the safety of our children and our fellow human beings, which are universal human rights.

Warner Bros and DC Comics have promoted characters in films that commit repeated acts of public mass murder, terrorist violence, killing innocent people in hospitals and others.

Unlike others however, Warner Bros and DC Comics does not portray these characters as truly "evil" or "wrong," and in fact, makes millions of dollars out of glamorizing these characters. Warner Bros and DC Comics mass merchandising of mass murder includes TOYS and COSTUMES of mass-murdering characters from their "Dark Knight" films, such as the "Dark Knight Joker" and the "Dark Knight Bane" characters.

When you go to the local toy store, you would NOT expect to find TOYS and COSTUMES glamorizing mass-murderers such as Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, or terrorists such as Osama Bin Laden - but you will see Warner Bros and DC Comics promoting TOYS and COSTUMES of mass-murdering characters from their "Dark Knight" films.

Warner Bros and DC Comics is continuing to do this RIGHT NOW, TODAY, in the immediate aftermath of a mass-murder terrorist attack inspired by one of the characters that the WB/DC films have glamorized and mass-merchandised as TOYS for CHILDREN. This has to END.

We must DEMAND that Warner Bros / DC Comics stop its mass merchandising and profiteering from glamorizing of terrorism today.

We must DEMAND that Warner Bros / DC Comics discontinue all films, books, and media which glamorize public mass murder and terrorist acts.

We must also DEMAND that Warner Bros / DC Comics provide all of the profits raised from such mass-murder mass merchandising to the victims of those killed and injured, by the killers inspired by these characters in Colorado and in Belgium.

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