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Say no to dog meat in Bali

Every year 60 000 dogs are killed in Bali for meat. Often these dogs are people's pets, stolen off the street by ruthless thieves. The dogs are beaten over the head to knock them out, roasted alive and then cut to pieces.

As an international community of animal lovers we must be the voice for these animals.  

Many tourists from all over the world visit Bali each year and spend vast amounts of money at local businesses boosting the economy. We have a voice and we need to use it to end this barbaric practice.   

Now that the Chinese government has made the ground breaking move to ban dog meat at the famous Yulin festival, we ask that the Indonesian government also take a stand and make dog meat illegal on the beautiful island of Bali.

Please sign the petition and be a voice for the dogs and the dog lovers who have had their pets stolen and killed.

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