Indie Games Deserve a Twitch Category

Indie Games Deserve a Twitch Category

May 3, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rosealyn Gaming

As of May 2022, the live streaming platform Twitch does not have a category specifically for games from the independent game development community. Video games with a high following or made by large studios maintain a category of their own by title while games yet to be discovered have little chance to be seen by the gaming community. It's time that the indie gaming community speaks up to ensure they have the space they deserve- Devs & Dorks is here to start the wave of change. 

About Devs & Dorks

Devs & Dorks is a community created to help indie game developers create games. Our Discord offers a space for creatives to chat, ask for help, learn from others, and showcase their games, art, music, sound, and writing. We offer a place in our community for content creators to collaborate with indie game developers and other creators. 

Devs & Dorks was founded by Adam Robot in June of 2021 when he noticed a lot of developers on Twitter asking questions and not getting much of a response. He aimed to create a space that was calm, goofy, and welcoming- and one where all creatives in the indie game sphere could learn together. Adam has goals of seeing successful game releases from within the community and to set up a fund for promising indie titles. 

The Devs & Dorks community is for everyone who loves indie games. Even if you aren't an indie game developer or content creator, there is still a place for you in our community.


Our main goal is to create a community where indie developers can ask questions and get feedback. If a developer has a group of developers to turn to, it will create a much better game and make the overall experience of making a game more enjoyable.

Our Discord is set up so people can get help with every portion of game development in a space dedicated specifically to it. These spaces also hold prompts or challenges for art, programming, music, and writing on a regular basis to help developers expand their skill set. When people try something new, they see new possibilities. 

We ensure developers have everything they need to begin marketing and help them find a content creator or game journalist that work well with their game. This applies to every major platform a developer or creator may use.

It's time Devs & Dorks also stood up for indie game representation on wider platforms. The community manager, Rosealyn, suggested a petition to push live streaming platform Twitch to include a indie game category. 

Something For Everyone

Devs & Dorks isn't for only developers! We provide welcoming spaces to learn about art, programming, music, sound, and writing. Taking part of any of these gives gamers a greater appreciation of the games they play. We also host a space for developers seeking game testing- this is another great way someone who isn't in game development can get a behind the scenes sneak peek at how games work.

Creating a game on your own is tough and marketing it is even worse- these are great reasons alone to join! There is something for everyone- whether you be interested in music, art, programming, or content creation. 

Learn more about Devs & Dorks and see how we might be able to help you in your independent game development journey on Our website.


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Signatures: 188Next Goal: 200
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