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Allow Potbelly Pigs In Indianapolis

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Indianapolis City Ordinance Sec. 531-104. - Keeping swine.

It shall be unlawful for a person to keep swine on premises in the consolidated city and county, unless such premises are stockyards, slaughterhouses, or other premises where the keeping or raising of livestock is permitted by county zoning ordinances.

In the city of Indianapolis, potbelly pigs are not allowed to be kept as pets because they are considered "livestock". This ordinance was written before potbelly pigs were brought to America in the 80's and does not account for the fact that many people keep potbelly pigs as household pets. This ordinance is very outdated and needs to be changed to differentiate between livestock and pets.

Potbelly pigs are NOT livestock. They are not raised for food, they are kept for companionship. There are many misconceptions about potbelly pigs and A LOT of them are wrong. Most potbelly pigs will weigh between 75 and 150lbs making them great indoor pets. They are the 4th smartest animal and are even smarter than dogs. They can be potty trained and walk on a leash just like a dog. They are extremely clean animals. They have hair and do not sweat, therefore they do not stink. This is also great for people with animal allergies since potbelly pigs do not have fur.

My family adopted a potbelly pig a year and a half ago before we knew about the ordinance. Now we are working to change it since we can not imagine life without our piggy, Mr. Smee. There are many other people that already own or would like to own potbelly pigs in the city of Indianapolis but are afraid that their pets will be taken away from them. Several of the counties surrounding Indianapolis do not have ordinances against potbelly pigs and many large cities now allow them as pets. It is not fair for potbelly pig owners to live in fear of having their beloved pets taken away because of an outdated law. I would like to get this ordinance changed before any more pigs are taken from their homes.

If you would like to help, PLEASE sign my petition. I have already contacted a couple councilmen to try to get the ordinance changed, but would like to show that we have the support of others. Thank you all from Smee and our family!

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