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Medical Marijuana in Indiana

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If you are like me then you use marijuana daily for medical reasons of a vast variety and range of severity. Me, I use medical marijuana to battle my insomnia, chronic back pain, Bipolar II Disorder, ADHD, ADD, asthma, and anxiety, to the lesser things such as acid reflux, emotional status, headaches, migraine, stomach ache, sick, ect. I believe that marijuana being medically or recreationally legal is the most benifitial step that we can take as humans to better not only ourselfs but our futures as well. It has major benifits all across the medical field and off of the medical field, I believe that it's inhumane to have something illegal that could be and is saving countless lives in more than half the US legalized states where it can be documented instead of treated like some mind alternating, criminal making drug. I believe that if we can save lives and, although not the issue, but make money greatly increasing anual state income, then what's wrong with you? Is opioid and other prescription addiction the better option because the consumer keeps cashing out every month to damage there body, mind,  and change the way they live for the rest of there lives. I believe medical marijuana legalization in all of Indiana is a big needed step and is too vital to be ignored.

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