Change the traffic light at Hwy 24 and Mexico Rd

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I am seeking to change the traffic signal at Hwy 24 and Mexico Rd, in Miami County. Since the light was changed, on 4/27/17, there have been 16 accidents(1 fatal). This is just the number of accidents processed by the Peru Police department and does not include the accidents handled by State or county officers. As most of you know, my husband was hit by a semi at this intersection on August 26th, as his yellow flashing turn light was changing to green and the oncoming traffic light was turning to red. He survived by the grace of God with a fractured lower back, gash in his arm and cracked ribs. However, on December 19th our 11 year old son’s little girlfriend (Amanda Buffington) and her mom, were not as fortunate when a semi ran the light.
My family would like to work to get the light changed. I believe it is a timing issue. The turn light changes to green way too soon. Ideally, I would love to have the light changed back to the way it was. However, even if we could get it changed to where there is a delay between the turn light changing to green and the oncoming light turning to red, then we could prevent more accidents and deaths.  
My family has to use this intersection numerous times each day and I worry about the safety of my family, as well as others.  Please help me make a change!  Not for me, for Amanda.❤️

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