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Percentage of Population who wishes the participation in growth through Votership rights.

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Jaya Prakash Bharat,



17-1-391/S/546/Singareni Colony, Saidabad

Hyderabad, Telangana – 500059. 


Honourable Supreme Court of India.

The Prime Minister of India.


Sub: Representation seeking the cooperation with the MEF on the proposal of Votership rights as defined hereinafter, presented in the parliament of India by 137 MPs on 2nd December 2011. 

Dear Sir,

You are well aware that, on 15th April 1994 the GATT treaty (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, GATT) was done by the World traders of all over the world by the political pressure on their respective Government. As the output of the said treaty, the World Trade Organization (WTO) came into existence in 1995. During that time the apprehensions were raised in Uruguay negotiations that, by the proposal of Mr. Arthur Dankel, the then General Secretary of GATT, the indiscriminate International competition will be compounded of the mechanization and the condition of unemployment in the countries like India, will become worse.But, the people who had raised such doubts that time were forced to keep quite by assuring that once the market of countries will be opened, a separate treaty will be made for the problems like unemployment. Those future problems caused by the proposed treaty, were called “Social Issues”. Nobody bothers, when the purpose is served. On these lines the initiative of assured treaty was never taken and the matter was kept in cold storage.

 Now it is 20 years have been passed, and neither a treaty is made on the “Social issues”, nor any appeal is being made on this issue. In the name of Consumer Rights and Economic Liberalization caused by the GATT Treaty, the economic borders of the countries, the traditional concept of the nation, nationality, nation-state, sovereignty, citizenship, separation of power, and democracy, etc. the fundamental concepts of political science were turned irrelevant. This Treaty has internationalized the problems of poverty, unemployment, economic inequality, inflation, corruption, hoarding, terrorism internationalized. Now without collective efforts of the countries, the above said problems cannot be resolved.

 The Mumbai born contemporary thinker Sri Bharat Gandhi has drawn the attention Towards the Global Agreement on Poverty and Peace (GAPP) by drafting International Treaty known as GAPP. He has written more than 60 books on policy and strategy of the solution of above said international level problems. Sri Gandhi has initiated the dialogue with the Presidents, Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of 198 countries of the world to convince them to accept the draft of above said GAPP Treaty. Even after internationalizing the problems, people are ignorantly insisting the government of countries and its territories to solve international problems at local level. 

This innovative proposal is called as “Right to Votership”. After five years of examination of above said proposal of votership, this proposal has been accepted by an expert committee of the Rajya Sabha on 2nd December 2011. But, even after the acceptance of the proposal, the same is still not translated into law. In this severe situation for the PL community who are suffocating from the suffocation of poverty and unemployment, cannot survive without above said proposed law for the Right of Votership. This situation is worse, because of GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Tariff – GATT). Due to this treaty the blind race of mechanization has become indispensable due to International competition. Consequently the work of the literate people is being occupied by the computers and the work of less literate people are occupied by machines like tractor, bulldozers and JCBs.Even after the approval from the Parliamentary secretariat of Rajya Sabha, the “Votership law” is not being made to distribute the gross domestic product produced by the labor of machines amongst the voters and other ground level units of the state.

 Although by the inspiration of alternative concept of development presented by Sri Bharat Gandhi in the Parliament, the Central Government has taken many initiatives, like delivering scheme of MNREGA in 2005, Scheme of Adhaar in the year 2007, Scheme of direct Cash Transfer of subsidy in the year 2010, Jan-dhan Plan in the year 2015,and plan of Basic Income to deliver Rs.1500/- per month in the Bank accounts of general public in 2016.Now the above said scheme of Basic Income has attained space in Economic Survey of India- 2017. It is noticeable that, the law is already made in many countries of the world, referendum is also done and the public movements to make law are going on in some countries on the above proposal of Sri Bharat Gandhi. 

The majority of the society is unaware of these circumstances. Even after the change of Governments and political parties in the states and centre, the problems like poverty, unemployment, economic inequality are not solved. Fundamental concepts of political science are being irrelevant; there is a need of Political renaissance in the Country. In the big country like India this work is not possible without political reforms. For the amendments to these concepts not only one or two, there is a need to know the opinion and input of the general public on hundreds of issues continuously. Hence, the MEF is trying to make a countrywide network. The WORK of MEF is beneficial to the Government of States and of centre to know the input regarding the opinion of General public on the above said proposal of law for the right of Votership. These inputs may inspire the governments either to take this work in their hands or to fund the expenses of MEF work. 

The MEF is conducting awareness and signature campaign report work among the general public to present the result before the union government and before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. The MEF has decided to submit the above said report to communicate the percentage of Indian Population who wishes the participation in growth through Votership rights.


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