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Utilizing idle time of Long Train Journey for profitability of Indian Railways

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In general, a traveler spends three-fourth time of his/her train journey sitting idle doing nothing or trying to sleep due to boredom.Experience of  train journey (esp. long journey trains)  is monotonous where people try to find activities in which they can engage to pass their time.People hesitate to interact with each other and thus search for different activities to engage themselves.Smartphones also don’t help much as there are connectivity and discharge issues.Even reading books/newspaper cannot be done much due to moving train and commotion around.

Therefore we came up with idea of "SAHYOG : Let’s contribute towards a better India"

Our objective is to make the train journey a memorable and fruitful experience by engaging passengers in activities(making or designing articles/things) which can interest them or enhance their skills. These activities will be simple and easy to execute but full of creativity and skill development.

Railways can use these exercise to re- brand itself as

  • An experiential travel provider
  • An enriching travel journey provider
  • Giving travelers a feeling of contributing to national development
  • Employment Provider

These activities can be used for generating Revenue and contributing to profits of railway which will be used towards betterment of railway services and ultimately to national income.

Project Sahyog will be branded as Indian Railways Initiative towards providing better travelling experience and for development of the country

Products made by passengers will be sold through

  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Kiosk at Railway Station
  • Sahyog website
  • Wholesalers
  • Direct Supply to Distributors or other companies
  • Corporate Tie Ups

We did a complete financial analysis, pilot project itself can generate profit of 200 Crore. Project on a larger scale can raise profit of more than 8000 crores.

Please provide your Sahyog for project SAHYOG and Let’s contribute towards a better India.

Hope to get support from all of you...



Shashank Madhukar | Amita Dokhale

Note : This project/idea/concept is original property of team Sahyog and they reserve complete rights on it. It should not be reproduced/copied/disclosed in any form to anyone without permission.

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