It's really high time - need to look in to the safety of railway passengers

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I'm writing this in deeply disappointing state. Two days back my mom and dad had boarded Yeshwanthapur-Howrah express(12864) at KR Puram Railway station with at-most difficulty.

Having a reservation ticket and reaching station on time is not sufficient to successfully boarding the train. Looks like we should have more physical strength and muscle power also (for pushing people to get into the compartment). My parents were literally crushed. They almost missed the train. Despite of being senior citizens, they had to compete with young people to get into the train. My worry is not mainly about them missing the train, I'm very much worried about their safety and well being. I see other reserved candidates too, couldn't make it to enter the train.

Here are my views to the problem:

1. Even though many people are struggling to get into the train (in almost all the compartments), why did the train make a move? Why did the guard of the train gave green signal?

2. Despite of the fact that many people board the train in KR Puram station, still the halt time is less. This is really high time, it should be looked in to revising the halt times of all trains at different stations based on current trends of passenger load.

3. Many people boarded the reservation compartment at the same time. Most of them doesn't have reservation ticket. We need to weigh different possibilities so that only valid passengers board the train.

4. At least during festival seasons/those days when there is high possibility of demand for tickets;

i. Halt time at each station should be increased purely based on the passenger rush and the information about this special provision should clearly be communicated to passengers at all those particular railway stations.
ii. There should be provision for enough supporting staff to safeguard / control the passenger flow in to and out of trains.

As the situation is same in local trains/metro trains too, there should be similar arrangements in there as well.

Dear supporters, please do mention your thoughts as well to overcome this issue.

I would like to request the concerned authorities to look into the issue on priority basis and take necessary action.