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Expedite Justice for Domestic Violence - Value our Time

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Like many others I am a victim of Domestic Violence and Financial Extortion. After going through a lot of Physical, Verbal and sexual abuse from my Husband for several years, I took a stand for myself and my son who is 3.5 years old now  and choose to separate. Its taken me a lot of courage to stand where I am today, Independent - Strong and Ready-to-fight. Its been almost a year now since i am staying with my parents. with my son who is 3.5 years old now.

If i will go to pen down, the episodes will seem endless, from hitting me with his shoes to sexually assaulting me to associating me with male friends, family Uncle of theirs who was a fatherly figure, from giving me all sorts of names to removing me out of the house at 1:00 in the night and making me stand on the road to make me prostitue, he had crossed all limits.

Me and my Family tried several times to sort out the issue peacefully and go for a Mutual Consent Divorce but the opposite side doesn't seem to budge. All we got was more abuse, more character assassination, and threats. He threatened me that he will get my son kidnapped, he will get me raped, he will neither let me live or die and make my life hell.

The only way left for us was to go legal. We sent them a Legal notice to which they did not respond and finally we filed a Domestic Violence case against him in August 2017. We also filed a Police complaint against him in September 2017. it's been more almost 4 months now, all i have got from the Court of Law is Dates. At the police station my I/O is taking us for a ride giving us every time a new story. since last 75 days and we suspect that his pockets have been heavily filled.

My husbands threats still haunt me and every time i send my son down to play i have an insecurity rooted in me. Every time i get late returning from work, the thought of getting Raped steals my peace of mind.

The point here is in spite of me having all the proofs against my husband, i am still struggling and fighting for some action, forget Justice. I have been doing some research and have read Case studies where victims and complainants have taken 5 years- 8 years - 10 years to get justice and some of the cases still lay pending after decades. Issues which could have been sorted in a couple of months time have taken years. 

I wonder will I also be spending the rest crucial years of my life  running from courtroom to Police station and vice versa where in the accused and the culprit will be wandering free knowing that he can drag things for years breaking my Morals and strength ?? Will i be spending my entire life with insecurities of getting destroyed and getting raped and my son being kidnapped only because i ended up marrying a wrong person??

I also wonder in spite of having all the proofs against my husband, what is the reason behind such delays and prolonging ?? What is it that holds back the justice of such clear cut cases ??

I wish such cases really get expedited and a victims time and life is valued.

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