Think before you buy products containing palm oil

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India is amongst the largest importer of palm oil. Palm oil is obtained from the flesh of the fruit and its kernel. The demand of palm oil is very high as it is used as a cooking oil, in toiletries, cosmetics and packaged food. The high demand of palm oil leads to the rainforest destruction and habitat loss for endangered animals like orangutan. Furthermore, the destruction of forests result in climate change.

• Sustainable practices should be followed to produce palm oil.
• Discourage the use of products from the companies that use palm oil sourced from the destruction of rainforest ecosystems.
• Buy and use RSPO certified palm oil products
• Use alternatives like soybean, coconut or sunflower oil for cooking

I started this petition because…
This campaign is the result of our PYP Exhibition Journey. We, the Grade 5 Students of Pathways World School, Aravali, delved into the topic of research 'Interdependence and Ecological Balance' and learnt the importance of maintaining ecological balance. We decided to start this petition as our 'Action in the PYP' and spread awareness about palm oil. We urge that more and more people should join us in promoting the cause.

By the Students of Pathways World School, Aravali

(Aarav Srivastava, Raghav Banerji, Jiya Pathak, Sirjan Singh, Sidhaant Rao, Shruti Maurya, Eesa M. Qureshi, Shivang Arora, Nachiketa Agarwal, Arsal M. Qureshi

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