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Save the Tigers from Extinctiom

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There are currently less than 4000 tigers left in the wild, which is an insanely small number, given that there are currently more captive tigers in the united states alone than there are in the wild (that's another issue on its own). The tiger is at the top of the food chain, it acts as a regulator for the populations of all the other animals which share the same habitats. If the tiger were to disappear, this would mean a collapse of the ecosystem. 
The main threat tigers are facing is poaching. This should be a problem that can be solved but the laws aren't being enforced firmly enough. What needs to be done is for the Indian government to have more in place to protect tigers, such as harsher laws to scare poachers, and to enforce the laws more firmly. There should also be more individuals who's job it is to monitor the areas where the tigers live to ensure there are no poachers. An increase in the amount of jail time that poachers would face may be enough to scare some away but if there's nobody to monitor whether the laws are being broken it wont make much of a difference.  
There are many other threats to tigers but given that poaching is the most immediate threat, I believe this should be the first issue that is addressed and depending on the results of this petition I may start another one focusing on another related issue. 
I chose to make this campaign because the tiger is my favorite animal, as well as many other people's favorite animal, and I find it sad that we have allowed this creature to be pushed so close to extinction.

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