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Put an end to burning injustice

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Acid Attacks have become a very rampant act in India. Four years after the Supreme Court banned its sale; acid now is easily available over the counter at rock bottom prices. Acid attacks are one of the most grueling forms of violence inflicted on people to cause irrevocable damage, mostly in women, for trivial reasons. It’s time India seriously addresses this problem. Acid attacks have risen from 83 in 2011 to 345 in the recent few years underlining the fact that nothing has been done to regulate the availability of acid.

Let’s take a stand for all the acid attack victims and bring an end to this burning injustice by realizing the following:

1.       Limit the sales, usage or distribution of strong acids among the public by tightening the law for purchase of corrosive substances. A database should be maintained of those who purchase strong corrosive substances like sulphuric acid and nitric acid.

2.       Make people, especially women, aware of the pre-warning signs and prepare them to seek help on sensing danger.

3.       Central government funding to create mass awareness workshops, especially in senior secondary schools and colleges.

4.       Publicize immediate first aid steps to be administered to minimize the damage.

5.       Initiate a change in societal approach towards acid attack victims to help in better victim rehabilitation.

6.       More number of doctors should volunteer to perform surgeries/ treatments for free of cost.

7.       Open surgery care centers in 8-10 main cities so victims know where to get treated.

8.       Set up a national toll free number so victims get immediate counsel regarding treatments/surgeries.

9.       These steps paired with more central government regulations tailored to curb acid attacks, the number of acid attacks can be significantly brought down and soon we could wipe out this malice from the country.

I, Dr. Debraj Shome have agreed to give free plastic surgery for victims. It’s now your turn to do your bit to bring an end to this!

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