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I think it is important to update here about two news development from
India this week.

  • Airtel has proposed to charge extra for VOIP(calls made over internet). Airtel's action of carving the VoIP from a data plan violates the principle of open internet and is against internet neutrality. As a protest against this move by Airtel, many technology activist, free software adequates and others have migrated from Airtel to other providers after condemning the move publicly and this has made a big buzz in social media. As the result of the pressure put by the users around the country, ISP has dropped the plan for now.
    Even as the people who stood-up for the cause made a difference, there is something we must consider: look at this statement -"Trai Chairman on Airtel's VoIP Plans: Net Neutrality Not Our Concern"
  • Indian Government orders that 32 web sites be blocked, including GitHub, Archive.Org, Pastebin, DailyMotion and Vimeo. The Govt. has issued an order asking to ban 32+ site which is addressed to ISPs. Some ISPs including BSNL, Vodafone & Hathway complied first. Other will soon follow. Internet gives space to all, and allows differences and equal participation to huge extend. And revelation truth is possible online. If the Internet censorship in our nation is to grow like this, the internet will become part of power politics.

Stand-up now! We protect world's largest public resource - the Internet we
all love and care.

Why is Net Neutrality Important?

  • Net neutrality protects content creators. From small businesses to large companies to nonprofit organizations, net neutrality ensures that their content gets delivered to the right audience at the right time. This is important to foster free expression and innovation.
    Think of it this way: Net neutrality is one of the reasons why today's booming technology industry has been a driver of the economy. When companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram were started, they didn't need to seek permission or pay special fees to get the Web access they needed to open their service to the world. They simply needed a great idea and service coupled with the ability to reach the world.
  • Net neutrality protects people. Net neutrality ensures that we have access to all of the content on the Web, regardless of whether it comes from a big Hollywood media company, a technology start-up, or a friend. Beyond this, it protects individuals, since on the Internet, we are not just consumers, we are creators.

What's the consequence of losing Net Neutrality?
Right now, the Internet preserves your right to access all lawful content and software without interference. It is a level playing field: you can watch House of Cards, read Wikipedia, or build a website for your new business -- all on equal terms as everybody else.

This is what has made the web what it is today, a global engine for innovation and entrepreneurship. The Internet is a beautiful thing. With it, people can learn and teach. Revolutions start. Movements -- cultural and political -- get their momentum. And it’s all possible because the Internet is one of the few places that provides a real, even playing field.

The end of net neutrality could set a precedent for an internet that is increasingly closed, centrally controlled, and designed to serve the few instead of the many. It's estimated that 5 billion more people will join the internet in the next decade. Imagine what we would lose if the next generation of inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs didn't have the same equal access to the Web that we enjoy today.


  • Loss of innovation
  • Loss of free expression
  • Loss of the Web as we know it

Your role in #winning
It’s up to us — you and me and everyone who believes in a free Internet shared by all — to raise our voices over the coming weeks when decisions are being made. It’s up to us to protect the Internet we know and love from becoming increasingly closed, centrally controlled, and designed to serve the few instead of the many. We built it, thousands of us — millions! — coding and writing and making and sharing. It took millions of us to help the Internet grow and evolve into what it is today — and now it’s up to us to protect it.

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