Collateral damage in Kashmir

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 What we demand     

o  The Indian Government needs to create a better civil defense system for the Kashmiris. 

o  We want the Indian army to warn the Kashmiris before attacking and not to target innocent civilians, including children, women and old defenseless people.       

 Why we care

Our goal is to inform the world about the horrors that people have to endure and how they suffer in war. There are many places which suffer collateral damage. One is Kashmir which is currently being illegally occupied by Indians.​

The Indian Government needs to create a better civil defense system for the Kashmiris. 

​ What?                   
Over 40,000 Indian army personnel occupied Kashmir. Since July 2016 till Jan 2018, 8,311 Kashmiris have been injured, 73 have been permanently blinded, 1,835 have been at the verge of losing eyesight and 700+ have been at the verge of being blinded because of pellets fired by the Indian army. Since 1989, more than 100,000 people have died in the Kashmir war. Also, tens of thousands of children have been orphaned or given menial labor, and only 223 to 300 were received by families or people, others received no help at all. Now almost everyone who has lived in Kashmir during the war has some medical issues.
The Indian army attacks cities and villages without taking the civilians in regard. The civilians are losing family members, not getting proper education, and the economy is going down. This is happening all because the Indians want the land and the resources of Kashmir. The Kashmiris have had to live with the fear of dying, losing family, and their properties have been taken away from them. 

What can be done?
If India had a better civil defense system, the damage done on civilians would be less; they could warn the civilians of taking precautions before attacking, but they don’t.

The only way to help is to show the government that this isn’t what the people of Kashmir want, so sign up for our petition on Indian Government doing fewer attacks on civilian lands.

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