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More protection for the Tigers in India

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Save the Tigers

As India's tigers are being wiped out by poachers I call for a massive action to make the authorities understand the gravity and seriousness of this disaster. There is an organized illegal mafia kind of huge lucrative business of poaching in the national parks and then smuggling the skins to Tibet where they use them for dancing rituals and to China where they use different tiger pieces. The guardians of theses parks might be taking part in allowing theses poachers to hunt and put traps. On the higher levels the indian government is not taking this issue seriously maybe also due to corruption or not enough interest. In any case the tigers have already been completely wiped out in the national park close to Delhi and they are rapidly dwindling in number in the other parks. It was so sad for me to to hear that the only place to still see tigers was in a safari where they are kept in a very small habitat and not free to hunt or live a natural tiger life. Indeed I visited two tiger reserves in Kerala where there are only a few left and nobody ever sees them which makes you wonder if they are there at all of is this a tourist marketing. When I did see a tiger in the Bannerghatta Safari in Bangalore my heart fell as they seemed as if have given up plus people look at them all day long because they have no where to go and not enough space to roam.
Tigers are calling desperately for help and as an animal communicator I can hear their call and it is desperate. If we allow this negligence to go on they will disappear from the face of the Earth before we know it. I am calling for help from anybody possible to spread a "Save the Tigers" campaign for this news to spread as rapidly as possible and to create some pressure on the indian government to take this issue seriously, make sure there are enough guardians who actually guard the reserves, arrest the head of this organization who keeps bailing himself out of prison. We don't want to wake up when it's too late to save the most imperial creature on Earth.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart and from the tigers as well. Let's create massive change by dedicating time and energy to this critical issue which truly needs global help and intervention. An idea could be to create T-shirts with "Save the Tigers" like Save Tibet which can bring a lot of money and serve the purpose at the same time. I truly hope this goes globally so we manage to save this species. Thank you thank you thank you!

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