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Bring Back old Indian status card!

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  Some natives like myself do not like the change in the so called "secure cards" so this petition is to put a stop to these new cards and have a choice to have your old cards. These new cards have these problems:

  • Identifying us Canadian but are not, were the original owners of this land.
  • It is not laminated so if you bend the plastic card too far it will snap.
  • It takes 9 weeks to get it back if broken or lost.
  • We just started getting them in some reservation but we never consulted over it, they just did it (like standing rock r.i.p).
  • The band office has no control over if you want the old one if they made them convert already.
  • Unknown thing on the back that quotes "must be returned on request"?
  • It looks like a prison identification where there is no smiling, black and white and the other one you can smile it's colorful.
  • I don't like that we have have bar codes (like the holicost) that people can scan.

 Good about it:

  • No fraud
  • double picture (but not needed for our other cards)
  • no signature required 

So why is if the government does like first nations than why don't they tell us about these things and give us a choice (R.I.P again standing rock) join with me to fight INAC to give us a choice

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