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Santa Rosa Junior College- administrators, faculty and  staff received an increase in their pay during this school year, yet student employees continue to make the minimum wage as mandated by law. The cost of living in Sonoma County is too expensive for our $12.00 an hour student wage. 

Santa Rosa Junior College claims to be an equitable learning environment, yet pays student employees less than equitable wages. For this reasons, we ask that you support this petition. 

Following are some comments from current SRJC student employees. 

I should not have to tell my students to not worry about financing for college when I go home preoccupied because my Student Employee income doesn’t allow me to continue with my own educational goals. – Sebastian Bustamante

What does Costco do for our community to have their employees get payed 14 dollars an hour? Student Success Couches do a whole lot more for their peers and community! – Jocelyn Hernandez

Student workers have debts and monthly bills that $12/hour does not support us enough. – Jorge Romero

The more income the more we would concentrate in school. – Merpan Milahmn

The current pay is not enough for me to live in Sonoma County, it also makes it very difficult to continue my education. - Iridian. O

Raising the current Pay wage from $12 to $15 will benefit my life because as as student sometimes I find myself in the struggle of continuing my education and work in order to fulfill my expenses. - anonymous

The one last thing to be bothered about is the fact the you’re looking into getting a second job in order to meet basic needs. The more the pay, the more were able to balance work and school. – Lekkyes Dakwakas

The increase in salary as a student employee would be extremely beneficial/ for example, the simple things like visiting the campus food pantry because there's nothing left over for food by the end of the month. Also, being a returning student taking hardcore science classes recommended by an SRJC counselor to take one class at a time per semester, makes it difficult to qualify for some scholarships.

some extra support with the added pay raise is like music to my ears! it would benefit me with the security of knowing that ill be able to make ends meet, and not have to cloud my mind with hardship such as how I'm going to meet my most fundamental needs as a student. - Megan Stinchfield