Unsubstantiated claims against Hedley, Reinstate Airplay #istandwithhedley

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Let this petition speak for all fans in support of Hedley.

In light of the recent unsubstantiated allegations regarding Hedley, We are calling on Randy Lennox President of Bell Media, Doug Murphy President and Chief Executive Officer of Corus Entertainment and Hubert T. Lacroix President and CEO of CBC Radio Canada to lift the ban of this Canadian rock band's music on your radio stations.

We as fans are pleading with you to reverse your decision. The claims made on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have yet to be proved and are unsubstantiated. The individuals making these claims have not gone to the police or have given any proof whatsoever.These allegations are just that, allegations with no substance and or police involvement.

As stated in Section 11 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and
Freedoms as citizens we have, "The right to be presumed
innocent,Section 11(d) provides that:
11. Any person charged with an offence has the right
(d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to
law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and
impartial tribunal."

The Canadian Bar Association states, "Defamation is
communication about a person that tends to hurt the person's
reputation. It causes the reader or listener to think less of
the person. The communication must be made to other people, not
just to the person it's about. If defamation is spoken, then it
is called slander. If it is written, it is called libel. It can
also be a gesture, which is a type of slander."

This is beginning to ruin the lives and well being of the
members of Hedley and their families. They are tax paying
citizens. The claims being made are unsubstantiated and a
defamation of their character. This will ruin them emotionally, physically and financially. It needs to stop.  

Below are some quotes taken from the Hedley Fanpage on

"I just want this to be over and for them to be okay. Their
music is so uplifting and calms me. When the world is crazy, I
have Hedley. I HATE that this is happening to them.

"I swear to god, if you stay in our lives, I promise to stay in yours." Posted from Santana Hza on facebook.

"I just want this to be over and for them to be okay.Their music is so uplifting and calms me. When the world is crazy, I have Hedley, I HATE that this is happening to them. #istandwithhedley "

"They have saved me so many times and been with me through the good and bad through their music. I followed Jacob on Canadian Idol (Loved the blue suit) For the nights I can't remember was released when I had my first daughter and heaven in our headlights was released when my second daughter was born. When my youngest got sick last year with influenza A and was hospitalized at sick kids in Toronto they got me through that with storms and we are unbreakable among many others. I can imagine my life without them." Posted from Amelia on facebook.

"#istandwithhedley no person/band/human should be put on trial by social media cowards who come forward with stories and no facts. Where were the police involvement when all “these stories” happened?! Innocent until proven guilty!! I guess no male bands are safe from this, and that is not fair. Social media is too easy to tell stories, it’s not a fair place for a trial! Stay strong Hedley !!!"

We plead that these stories no longer be shared by the media
until someone comes forward and files a police report, and we ask that you lift the music ban of Hedley on your stations. It would also be a nice gesture to report about all the support there is pouring in for the band.

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