The Time Is Now Our Freedom Can Not Wait!!

The Time Is Now Our Freedom Can Not Wait!!

May 4, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Brooke Johnson
  • One of the Jim Crow law provisions, which survived into the morden day, authorized non-unanimous juries to convict by a vote of at least ten to two.
  • The non-unanimous verdict rule served simultaneously to entrench white supremacy and provide a supply of forced black labor. The court has explained that a conviction under an unconstitutional law is merely assumption or idea it’s illegal and void, and cannot be a legal case of imprisonment.
  • The whole point of the law [permitting non-unanimous verdicts] was to make it easier to convict African American defendants at criminal trials.
  • Finally it’s clear from decades of history that non-unanimous jury verdicts resulted in fundamental unfairness and wrongful convictions.
  • The Louisiana statute permitting non-unanimous law Jury verdicts has for the last 120 years silenced and sidelined African Americans in criminal proceedings and called questionable convictions throughout Louisiana.
  • This is because a non-unanimous Jury can make a difference in practice, especially in cases involving black defendants, victims, or jurors. The judicial system has undeniably affected the fundamental fairness of the criminal legal system.
  • Louisiana code of criminal procedure Art. 872 provides a valid sentence must rest upon a valid and sufficient:




  • valid defines as having legal strength or force, executed with proper formalities, incapable of being rightfully overthrown or set aside.

A sentence not based on a valid sufficient statute is an illegal sentence. A sentence shall not be set aside on the ground that it inflicts cruel and unusual punishment unless the statute under which it is imposed is found unconstitutional. The state of Louisiana has acknowledged that La.R.S.14:30.1 is unconstitutional and thus, they were allowed to resentence juveniles pursuant to the Miller Mandate. However, Louisiana has done nothing to make  La.R.S.14:30.1 constitutional and it remains unconstitutional meaning the sentence imposed based upon a conviction under this state is also illegal and unconstitutional. Unlike most states, Louisiana prohibits inmates from challenging their convictions on either of those grounds. Permanently cementing their status. Louisiana’s sizable lifer population is driven largely by its approach to second-degree murder, which is defined by the absence of premeditation. The convicted of second-degree murder make up more than 50% of Louisiana’s lifers. A life sentence in the state used to carry parole eligibility after 10 years and six months until 1972, when the Supreme Court struck down the death penalty. Legislators reacted by pushing back eligibility to 20 years, then 40 years until abolishing it altogether in 1979. We need to recognize the historic importance of federal habeas corpus proceedings as a method for preventing individuals from being held in custody in violation of federal law. In general, if a convicted state criminal defendant can show a writ of federal habeas corpus that his conviction rests upon a violation of the Federal Constitution, he may well obtain a writ of habeas corpus that requires a new trial, a new sentence, or release. If a law is invalid there is no crime if there is no crime there is no subject jurisdiction matter both types of jurisdiction are required in criminal matters court lack subject matter jurisdiction based upon the fatality defective indictment. Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that we need case reviews DNA did not become a standard until 1999. Jim Crow, Napoleon law, Uniform Commercial Code, and Civil Law are all the same thing. History keeps repeating itself. Our Freedom Cannot Wait! ABOLISH JURY INDICTMENT IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! 

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Signatures: 358Next Goal: 500
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