Stop Forceful Conversions of Hindu and Christian Girls

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A Hindu University Student Writes an Open Letter To Imran Khan.

To my favorite PM, I voted for,

I hated politics since my childhood until you joined politics because I saw no ethics and morals in our politicians back then.

I am, a Pakistani Hindu Citizen, writing you this letter on behalf of every sister's brother, on behalf of every daughter's father and mother, and on behalf of every girl's blood relative, to tell you about how a Hindu and Christian father/mother/brother scares each and every second that when their daughters and sisters are taken into the nights and are forcefully converted to other religion. They scare they will never see their daughters again whom they gave birth to, nourished, loved and grew up with. They don’t know where their daughters are, whether they are alive or dead or in safe hands or not and what not.

21st March 2019. Hindu religious festival Holi day. Two Hindu girls, below the legal age of marriage, from Daherki, District Ghotki, Sindh, Pakistan were abducted and subsequently, it was revealed that both have been forcefully converted to Islam.

I will remind you of your promise that you made before elections in one of your Jalsas, about serving justice over forceful conversions of Hindu and Christian girls. So today is the day, we all Hindus and Christian demand a national law against forceful conversions. Islam does discourage forceful conversions so whoever is doing this is committing blasphemy and it must end.

I have questions. A lot of questions, actually. Why under 18 Hindu and Christian girls are targeted? The girls who are uneducated and illiterate, and immature. Why only young girls and women of marriageable age? Why don't mature women convert? Why is the story always the same - a girl runs away with a Muslim man, converts to Islam and refuses to have anything more to do with her family, who have little choice but to stay quiet? These men, who are often already married, kidnap the girls, keep them in their custody for 10-15days, rape them and through threats and intimidation, make the girls say they converted willingly. Why don't we have any law against forceful conversions? I would like to mention that we passed a bill in 2016 when 14 years old Hindu girl was married to 55years old Muslim man who was already married, and the bill was rejected due to the high pressure of religious parties. Would you allow your 15 years old daughter to marry a 55-year-old man?

I am happy with our people being triggered when a Muslim is targeted in any corner of the world and I stand with it as we all should stand against cruelty. But isn't our utmost responsibility to think about our own people first? Isn't it important to keep our own girls safe? I want our people to stand for our own people first then we will think about the rest of the world.

I encourage all people regardless of their religion if you really want this to stop, stand with us. Raise this issue on social media. Put your status on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Support us. Support our country to get rid of this evil because Hindu and Christian girl is a Pakistani girl. She is our responsibility. She is our daughter, our sister, our dignity. We are restoring our country’s image under Imran Khan’s leadership, so let’s come together and fight against this evil.

Every year's forceful conversions figure is in hundreds. I am scared it will reach thousands.  Please refer:

Girls' mother died on second day of abduction out of emtional attacks. Their father has lost his senses. Check our few videos below:

Pakistan Zindabad.

Yours sincerely

A Pakistani Hindu Citizen.

Parkash Heerani: