Demand PM IK to remove Fawad Chaudhry & Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui from S & T and IT

Demand PM IK to remove Fawad Chaudhry & Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui from S & T and IT

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Saad Haq started this petition to Imran Khan and

Honorable Prime Minster Imran Khan, it’s a fact that Science & Technology (S & T) has and will continue to transform the world. It is also a fact that Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technology will change the way we live, think, eat, breathe and do business.

In that regard, for long term prosperity of Pakistan and where it will be on world stage 15 years from now, if Minster for Information & Broadcasting is an important position, Minister for S & T is 100 times more important. If it’s good to have an educated and intelligent person as the Minster for Information & Broadcasting, it is an “absolute must” to have an intellectual, intelligent and a highly educated person as the Minster for S & T.

Honorable PM, If Fawad Chaudhry failed as the Minster of Information & Broadcasting, why on earth would you make him the Minster for Science & Technology. With all due respect, it is a blunder of epic proportions and needs to be corrected immediately.

Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain Technology of today will transform the world 15 years from now as the Internet of the 90’s has transformed the world we live in today.  Pakistan, even after possessing the Human Intelligence/Resources equivalent to that of the United States, Israel, Japan, India. China and South Korea, missed out on being one of the leaders in that transformation.  But then, we had Nawaz Shareef, Benazir Bhutto or Gen. Musharraf.  If one lacked the vision/intellect essential to realize the importance of S & T, the other was busy in trying to stop her husband from looting the country and 3rd was busy in maintaining the power he had grabbed unconstitutionally.  You have none of these short-comings.  For that reason and more, we expect more from you than we did from your predecessors.

I understand that ultimately it is the Private Sector and not the Government that takes things to the next level. But for Private Sector to utilize the Human Resource/Intelligence of the people, Government has to lay the framework and infrastructure.  Again, take the United States., Israel, India, China Japan, & South Korea for example, while each of their private sector is reshaping the world via S & T today, it was their Governments that laid the framework and infrastructure via policy and guidance that formed the culture of advancement they have today.

While the appointment of Fawad Chaudhry as the Minster for S & T has seen innovation of unprecedented levels in humor and we have laughed at the poor guy’s expense like never before, it is now time to move past the humor. It’s for steps and policy design that will promote domestic interest in S & T as well as attract DFI on a much larger scale that it is now. It’s time for the Govt to work hand-in-hand with the Private Sector in an effort to put Pakistan among the leaders in technology innovation/transformation in the world. It is not wishful thinking, it is a reality that people of Pakistan possess equivalent brain power as those of India, Israel and Japan.

Honorable PM, I and millions of people voted for you because we knew you were sincere in your vision of a better Pakistan.  We also know that you cannot do it alone. You need to have a team. We also expect that unlike your predecessors, you will form a team based on merit and qualification.  Mr. Fawad Chaudhry is nowhere close to being qualified to be the Minster for S & T.

Except for the humor part, all of the above applies to the Ministry for Information Technology and Telecom. While Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui may not be as criminally bad for the post as Mr. Fawad Chaudhry but he is no way the best candidate if you want Pakistan to capture the Market Share in S & T/IT that it deserves and capable of. If you have to give him a Ministry, please give him Industries & Production which he has experience in and relatively speaking, better suited for.    

Mr. PM, we request you to immediately remove Mr. Chaudhry and Dr. Siddiqui and appoint someone with a better vision and intellect. It is imperative for Pakistan’s well-being and needs to be done immediately.

I trust that you will pick the right man/woman and will not make the same mistake twice.

In the interim (and possibly long term) I suggest 4 highly qualified and accomplished gentlemen each of whom posses the vision necessary to head 2 of the most important Ministries and steer Pakistan in the right direction.

Dr Irfan Ullah Chaudhary
Aitchisonian  - Head Boy ’88
Batchmate of Reza Baqir & Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar
Currently Professor at UET

Dr Basit Riaz Sheikh
PhD Cornell University
Aitchisonian - Head Boy ’91

Mr. Muhammad Shoaib
Founder & CEO Technology At Work (PVT) Ltd
One of the key figures/brains/Pioneer of Worldcall
UET Graduate

Mr Aymen Toor
Managing Partner at Publicis Sapient
Ex Executive Director at CresSoft Inc.
Fast - NU Graduate

If you use the logic you used to select Mr. Usman Buzdar with any 2 of the 4 fine gentlemen mentioned above to replace Mr. Chaudhry and Dr. Siddiqui, I guarantee you that results will bear fruit much better than they have so far with Mr. Usman Buzdar.

Honorable IK, please do not delay this step.  What you do today will affect Pakistan 15 years from now.  Who you appoint as the Heads of these two Ministries today will determine how positive or not so positive the effect will be.

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