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I do not want to be taught by a fresher

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Architecture is such a field where, education is incomplete without a practical approach to it. And with the number of increase in colleges across the country, a lot of students across various colleges today are being taught by recent graduates of architecture, who haven't been exposed to the practical world thereby not only making them incompetent, but equally not qualified.

The influx of such people in the honorable teaching profession of architecture has not only deteriorated the level of teaching, but equally plays with the future generation of architects. This is being widely practiced across all colleges (government and private) as a mean of "cost saving", though most of them are aware of the fact that this will "equally cost" the future generation of architects. The era of "great teacher" seems to be on the verge of extinction and those days will not be far, where the standards will fall to such a state that, the future generations will take ages to pull it back to a certain level.

I have been a victim of this "cost saving" effort, and do not want to see this happening further with any one else. It is time that students raise their voice for their rightful demands and rights, and professional awake to their consciousnesses. India's future capability, strength and safety lies in empowering its youth and developing institutions with a global and secular approach and it is these institutions that will help the youth to fight the battle between its heart and mind. It is time that people who indulge in teaching, merely to prepare themselves for masters so that they can have a safe future, stop playing with others future. 

We do not rank anywhere globally and one of the major reason is "quality of faculty". We request the concerned authorities to set standards for a person to be eligible as a faculty member which should at least be minimum of 5 years practical experience (may be followed by a short term course on Architecture Pedagogy), before they start actually teaching. It is then that they can actually bring out the best from every student.

To see the change we will need to raise our voices, I urge all students, practitioners, academicians and professionals who agree with this to sign the petition so that the change can be seen.

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