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Improve basic facilities and infrastructure : Not require Bullet Train now.

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Bullet Train Project is a great idea, but it also seems a little misplaced given that there are still places where people do not even have roads to travel, many improvements required in existing railway system including conditions of trains, tracks, bridges,food and other basic infrastructure. People in authority should first need to look into this.Lakhs of people travel in suburban trains daily from and to Mumbai. This is a huge amount than people travel to Gujarat daily. Even after completion of this project how many people are going to use this? There are other cheaper and faster ways like flights.

Developments and technology improvements should happen not denying, but our govt. should improve basic infrastructure, security, cleanness of existing system.Many railway stations still not have toliets in good conditions. But we have wifi. What is more important? Wifi or toliets?
We can see security on few stations, but what about others? How anyone can travel with anything?

We have many fastest trains like Duronto,shatabdi etc but do we have proper track maintenance? Proper arrangements inside train like good quality food, blankets, cleanness, toliets etc?

We hear announcement daily that use bridges rather than crosing tracks. Its good , but do we really have good condition bridges except few stations? Some of them having very bad condition and some of them are not useful for today's crowd. Or both.
Nearby on all footover bridges, most of spaces are occupied by hawkers,beggers etc. Why police , station authorities allows them? Why they ignore them intentially??? Rampage happen on Elphinstone road, can happen anytime on many station's bridges like Kurla, thane , Badlapur etc.

Every time somthing happens wrong, govts just declares compensations 5 lakh, 10 lakhs etc . Thats it? Means govt will decide the values of people ? This is the only responsibility? Why they never say that they will invest this much amount to avoid these accident in future? After resent rampage, order is given for audit of bridges. Why we wait to take most required steps for these kind of accidents?

Every year, after 1st or 2nd rain, railway problem must start! this is now becoming an equation. For this we people are also equally responsible not doubt , we throw anything on tracks plastic , papers etc. But why Railways should not take strong action on these people? We have strong rules but they are not follwed.why? Among these people who make garbage on platforms tracks etc when they use metro , or out of India, they don't do this. Strictly follows rules. Why because , those system take strong actions if they don't follow rules. Whenever anything happens bad, some people, media start taking photos, videos instead of helping ? Just to share video on WhatsApp or for TRP? Why our police/ authorities allows to do this? Why they don't take strong action on these people?

Each country has to fix its own priorities. Any development initiative has to be in the interest of the larger proportion of population of the country. There has to be an accountability for every penny spent from the taxpayers' money and fancy or popularity should not drive us. The bullet train project from Ahmedabad to Mumbai would incur a whopping expenditure of about Rs 1 lakh crore to cover the 500 km distance. And, one train will carry about 800 passengers, each shelling out a fare more than that for a flight. That means, it is not the train for a common man but only for the elite few which would constitute just a fraction of the total daily rail commuters in India, numbering 2.3 crore (23 million). Moreover, the air connectivity of Ahmedabad and Mumbai is fairly good.

Would it not have been a better idea to start the Metro train service in a few more cities with such a huge chunk of the money being spent on this ambitious bullet train project? Just to cite an example; in the financial year 2016-17, Delhi Metro had an average daily ridership of 27.6 lakh passengers and served 100 crore riders in total during the year. A comparison of the Metro service with that of the contemplated bullet train service would raise questions about the justification for going for such a project, ignoring the one that would have served a larger population of the country.

Enough is enough. Now is the time when we need to clean our traffic system by taking certain bold decisions, instead of going for such projects to satiate our fancies. Let us strengthen and improve upon the existing transportation system, be it railways, roadways or even airways.

Could our governments think of revamping the traffic system by sparing a reasonable chunk of money to make the life of an ordinary citizen a bit comfortable and hassle-free? Priorities need to be fixed and immaculately executed. Most rail accidents occur due to human error; that may be due to inadequate and insufficient staff. Can our rail tracks be made to present some good looks rather than stinking garbage or faecal material on the tracks? Can we ensure timely arrival and departure of our trains? Can we do something about the abrupt cancellation of the trains? Could we check train accidents by ensuring better security or safety devices?

When a solution to all these issues is found, everyone would welcome the introduction of a bullet train in the country.

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