Improper waste disposal "Protect Our School Environment"

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Improper waste disposal is one of the problem has been going on for years and many things have been done to solve this but wasn't able to fully achieve it.They say what you do reflects what you are. Having a dirty school environment tells others we don't care for our school. The waste we throw not only affects us but our planet too. Pollution is one of the effects of this problem.

Waste disposal is the removing and destroying or storing damaged, used or other unwanted domestic, agricultural or industrial products and substances. Disposal includes burning, burial at landfill sites or at sea, and recycling.This when a person throw some garbage in a proper or improper way. It is also called waste management.

In order to reduce waste at School Campus, recycling efforts must be improved and organic recycling services must be provided. Additionally, students, faculty, and staff must be properly educated on proper waste management practices. The constant production of new products and packaging means knowledge of recyclable and compos-table materials has become a complex and confusing topic for many people. In a society that values convenience, the current “throwaway” lifestyle encourages a linear approach to the production and disposal of products, rather than a circular approach that regards waste as simply another resource .

We can do as students is to do what we can to solve these problems. Simple acts like cleaning, recycling and planting trees are always a good start. Also, strict implementation of RepublicAct 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 and any other laws regarding to waste management should be made. There is also a need to educate discipline to people. Let us help rebuild our nation and our world. Let us save our Mother Earth, Let us use a proper waste disposal before it is too late.

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