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Replace Bud Light with an actual beer

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Price increases in the Union are ruining the experiences of virtually all Imperial students. Claiming that replacing Stella with Bud Light saves people money is complete bollocks. In terms of alcohol content, there's actually been a 12.5% increase in the cost of beer, which is well above inflation. Stella for £2.80 would have been a 3.7% increase. Inflation is 2.9%. To be a price freeze from this viewpoint, Bud Light should be £2.36. 

Lets face it, people are gonna stop drinking when they're drunk enough, so this is the only way to think about it that makes sense.


On top of the blatant lies, its pretty clear that this is overpriced. Hammersmith spoons sell Bud Light for £2.30, and they make a profit on it. ULU sell draught beer for £2.50. The Union could clearly sell a better beer, for less money, and still make money on it. Why not sell Wetherspoons a contract to run the union bars? Clearly they could do a better job of not ripping off all of the unions beloved members.


Stop the union taking the piss. Sign the damn petition. 


TLDR: the union is ripping everyone off, bud light is shit, why dont they sell holsten pils instead or at least bring back stella?

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