Impeachment of Alexander G. Lukashenko and transition to a parliamentary republic

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         Alexander G. Lukashenko won the elections in 1994 and suppresses his own people for more than two decades. Citizens ask how our people can start the path to prosperity and independence under the leadership of a person who turned the Constitution into a fiction, destroyed the mechanism of checks and balances of his power, made it impossible to implement fundamental rights and freedoms, and even more so their protection in due course.

         The institution of the presidency must be eliminated - one can no longer allow the concentration of power in the hands of the same person, otherwise the stability of the nation will depend on its integrity and spiritual balance, as it was in Germany. Practice gives a lot of facts when authorities and their officials violate the rights and freedoms of citizens - the right of force prevails, and not the force of law, the president breaks the whole country for himself.

         If you agree, transition to a parliamentary republic should become our hope for freedom and changes in society! By signing this petition, you demand impeachment of Alexander G. Lukashenko, removing the opportunities for presidential power in our state and the transition to a more developed form of government as a parliamentary republic. ©