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I can't stand the fact that I am able to live freely in a country that grows upon the foundation of freedom while the bodies of innocent Syrian children are being washed ashore. Living in horror, Syrians are forced to do everything in their power to flee their homeland. It is not fair for me to live in peace, knowing a people is barely living. They flee in order to live a life like you and I, so why can't we do something to help them? It's easy for us to push out the disturbing images of the three year old boy named Aylan Kurdi, who drowned on his way to freedom. We can turn off our phones and computers, log out of our Facebook accounts, and move on, but we cannot turn off the voices in our heads that ask, "what will I do to help?". Did you know that his brother died? His name was Galip and he was 5-years-old. Did you know that his mother died? Her name was Rehan. But did you also know that his father is alive? His name is Abdullah. Abdullah no longer has his sons, or his wife. Canada, we need to open our eyes to ''the greatest refugee crisis'' since World War Two. We cannot just write about it, talk about it, cry about it, we need to DO something about it! We need to accept the people in need of a safe land. We have to accept those who flee in search of freedom, because we are "the true North strong and free". So please, let us embrace these oppressed people with our glowing hearts and accept them in to our great country.

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  • Prime Minister of Canada/Premier ministre du Canada
    Justin Trudeau
  • Leader, Liberal Party of Canada/Chef, Parti libéral du Canada 
    Leader, Liberal Party of Canada/Chef, Parti libéral du Canada Justin Trudeau
  • Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada Minto Place, Canada Building 344 Slater Street, 12th Floor O
    Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
  • Member of Parliament
    Justin Trudeau

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