Pass the Companion Animal Protection Act and Save The Lives Of Shelter Animals

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The needles killing of innocent shelter animals happens far too often. That is what the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) is here to stop. CAPA is a package bill, it prevents healthy shelter animals from being killed when there are other housing options, bans heart sticking and gas chambers, encourages cooperation between rescue groups, makes it illegal for fresh food and water not to be provided daily, and much more.

CAPA has been proven successful in the past too. In Delaware it reduced the amount of animals killed in shelters by 78%. In California a similar law was passed that increased animals transferred instead of killed by 370%. These laws are monumental. Illinois has a save rate of 84%. A law like this could make Illinois one of the first no kill states. With your help Illinois could be driving this movement, not just waiting for it to happen. 

Helpless dogs and cats are killed in shelters by the millions every year. Every ten seconds a new dog enters a shelter without knowing whether they will make it out. With your help these pets will have a new chance at a better future. The Companion Animal Protection Act is the voice for the voiceless. Help their voice be heard, please share and sign and help us get CAPA passed in Illinois!