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Menstruation WITHOUT Frustration

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We shouldn't be ashamed of mother nature! A period is a natural and essential cycle in a woman's life. However, many people have been denied the necessary products that are needed to get through this cycle all over the world, specifically in Argentina. Although Argentines have experienced many shortages over the last few years, including that of car tires, iPhones and medicine, a new shortage has arrived- one with a much more biased impact. This is the shortage of tampons, due to an economic crisis, which has ended up targeting women across the country. Retailers have been scrambling to find answers, and it is ridiculously hard to find tampons in pharmacies or smaller supermarkets. This has lead to a huge increase in prices for these scarce products (in some places a box can cost up to $30!). The blame has been put on many different officials, though no one is claiming responsibility. However, the effects are devastating, as menstrual products are a necessary product for every woman. Many stories have surfaced.

One from Daniela Perez, 30, says that she had been looking for 3 days for a single box, and was only saved by her sister who had kept a few just in case.

Catalina Moclov, 27, said that she couldn't find tampons on shelves for 3 months and has been forced to ask her friend who is traveling internationally buy her some outside of the country. There aren't tampons of any brand on shelves in pharmacies, and drug stores don't have answers. The scarcity is due to maldistribution by brands like Johnson & Johnson and Kotex. News stations have advised people to hoard them, and try to stock up, but it is not that easy for everyone as the price for these essential products rise at alarming rates. Now the only option is to buy online, or look for other unconventional menstrual products. According Clarissa Perullini, the founder of Maggacup- the only Argentine menstrual cup company, their sales have gone up 1000 percent due to the lack of tampons. This shortage of tampons has had the strongest effect in the summer, when women are restricted from going to the pool or beach. While this injustice is very frustrating, there is something YOU can do.

These women don't have a voice, but you can give them one. By signing this petition you are promising to talk about this issue with 3 of your friends, unashamed by the topic. Let's make pads and tampons affordable in all part of the globe!

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