Knock down a portion of the Boynton Beach mall and get IKEA to build there.

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For many years now the Boynton Beach Mall has seen a decline in consumers and this a decline in desirable retailers. Big names like Disney, Gap, Sears and other major retailers have pulled out and are planning to pull their locations out of the mall. 

Things like a charter school, gym and mega church have taken up residence in a place we lived at as teens. I think it's time that the location evolves just like its patrons have. 

Let's turn a portion of it into an IKEA! As the area has grown and evolved, the mall has stayed stagnant and appears to be time warp backwards. 

If the location evolves like it's most popular patrons of the 90's and 2000s has, it would be a profitable piece of retail real estate again. 

The closest location is over an hour south. This means people in Northern Palm Beach county and St. Lucie county don't take advantage of the great cuisine and products of this Swedish super brand. If they added a central Palm Beach County location it would benefit both us and their brand.