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Bring back the IKEA Plush Shark!

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Everyone loves this shark. It's been the subject of many cute photosets, an adorable bed-time cuddle buddy for many, and has touched our hearts.

Other plush toys have enjoyed much longer lives at Ikea; Gosig Mus, for instance, have been available for years. Right now, there are Blahaj sharks being sold for as much as $99! (example, here on Amazon). It is loved and it is wanted- please give us the chance to bring it home again.

More seriously, plush toys encourage children to appreciate and love animals. It's easy to convince a child of the merits of cute, fluffy animals such as bears and foxes and as they age impress upon them the importance of conservation efforts and humane treatment.

Sharks are an animal that sadly gets little love and a lot of stigma, due to films and media portrayals of them as bloodthirsty killers. This toy would be a great way to introduce children to sharks as another fish in the sea, so their eventual attitude towards sharks as young adults will be more positive.


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