Scrap JEE Advanced!For a Better future

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In 2018 I entered My IIT coaching Institute with a dream To Crack JEE MAINS and  ADVANCED and get admitted in one of the mosttt Prestigious Institutes in India.A DREAM ...

Around 13 Lakh Students across India compete and work hard for these Lucky  50,000Seats. A normal Student Studying for JEE at one moment in these 2 years reaches a Saturation Point and decides to Do something that was maybe never meant for him.

We alll Know about the new reforms that might come up this year with Jee Mains . The following reforms might take place 

1)Jee Advanced would be scraped and admissions would be based on Mains Scores

2)Students will get a chance to do one semister from IIT .Although Your Chances of doing them from IIT are completely based on merit.

3) courses might get scrapped and IIT might be completely meant for courses.

A lot of Changes have taken place this year and maybe this one might be for good . If You sign this petition .The Board will get a better Insight of what Students really want and hence they could make a better decision

Thank you for your time.



Aspiring IIT-ian