Recycling in Schools

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We want a state wide solution for effective recycling in NSW schools


Dear Hon. Gladys BEREJIKLIAN, Hon. Gabrielle UPTON, Hon. Robert STOKES,

We are a group of year 7 students from a high school in Raymond Terrace, New South Wales. We are extremely interested in finding a better way of recycling in schools.

We are a generation of students who have grown up learning the importance of recycling.  When we formally started school we were extremely surprised in the lack of importance for separating waste and recycling.

Where are the recycling bins in New South Wales schools? Each school has to negotiate with their council and private waste companies. It’s illogical! Principals need to be focused on teachers and students education, not wasting their precious time on coming up with waste schemes. Imagine the time wasted in each school when each principal spends time focusing on coming up with recycling schemes.


Surely, the elected Ministers for Environment, for Education, and for Local Government can work together to make recycling happen in schools. We need leadership and we believe you are in a position to make this possible. The community elected you to represent us and we are asking you to make a change.  Now is the time to do it!

We have created a catchphrase for this cause “Lead the Cycle 2 Recycle”.

We are hoping that after this project all the schools in New South Wales or even Australia are recycling effectively, but to do this we need you. It would be amazing if you would join us.

Help us make effective recycling a reality in NSW schools.