End "White Knight" Journalism

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End "White Knight" Journalism

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It was four years ago that we were graced with the grand rise of the indie video game sceen. This market brought "indipendent developers"  the ability to publish there games on Steam, the Xbox live arcade and the Playstation store. But ever since we have been reading interviews with these devs, they have made a big fuss over anything that does not fit within there "White Knight" Ideals. The petition is not to "get back" at these people, but make a statement about what is wrong with this industry. What is wrong is the "Spanish Inqisition" conducted by the "White Knights" and the video game press. We live in an age where people have to make shock articals and condem a video game does not have a "real" Woman, Black man("or African Amarican if you live in the united states"), someone who is Gay, Bisexual or transgender or someone who is not a "real person".  In conclusion, his is NOT condeming indie games as a whole, this is NOT a RAPE threat to any woman and this is NOT asking to change your oppinion. This is to help bring journalisum that covers BOTH sides of an issue.

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