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Give the Permit for a Ghostbuster/Back To The Future Comics Crossover Event.

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When Hill Valley construction disturbs the grave of Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, his vengeful spirit arisies, attacks Marty and Doc, then returns to the past with Doc's wife Clara in tow.  Unable to stop him alone, Doc calls upon a new colleague in New York, and the Ghostbusters make their way to Hill Valley.  Once there, the two groups embark on a massive time travel ghost hunt, as they uncover Tannen's master plan...

Now, who wouldn't want to see that happen for real?

This petition goes out to all children of the 80's and 90's that grew up watching these two masterpieces.  As of this moment, I am currently writing the script for the story described above, and I've realized it's too good an idea to be just another fanfic.  Therefore, I'm asking you to help me bring this story to the attention of the three major stock holders- IDW, the comic publisher of Ghostbusters, Columbia Studios, owner of the Ghostbuster name, and Universal Studios, owner of Back To The Future.  This year is already bringing a Ninja Turtles/GB crossover, and I can't see any reason why two more nostalgic franchises can't be brought together.  

But like everything else in comis, this will require YOUR support to get made.  Every studio involved is highly protective of their titles, so fan support is needed to ensure a careful, loving approach is taken to this potentially legendary idea.  So if you want to see Marty McFly slinging a proton pack, or the Ecto-1 racing through time along with the Delorean, then sign here, and bring two classic pieces of filmmaking together at last.

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