Why BlocksMc Minecraft Server is the worst

Why BlocksMc Minecraft Server is the worst

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This is an updated version of the last petition that i made about bmc 7 months ago , many things have changed since then so here is the updated version.

I'll start with the basics.

BlocksMc is a cracked minecraft server (one of the top cracked servers). 


The server anticheat is next to nothing  , the host is very bad (laggy at times) , toxic community etc , but the biggest part is that all its minigames are just copied from different big servers like hypixel , hivemc(when it was a thing) , cubecraft etc.

The anti cheat is this bad that you will find a hacker once every 3 games.

The Owner is more concerned about profit than player experience , the irony is that maximum things are copied from servers like hypixel only but if u just say the word "hypixel" or name of any other server in the chat they will mute you for 3 days for "advertising" , like why would i advertise  a server like hypixel (arguably the biggest minecraft multiplayer server)  on a server like bmc. 

They are  not open for any  criticism , for example if you say the anticheat is really bad or something like that you will be muted for "disrespect" for real.

Everything (except the lobbies) are copied from different servers (as i mentioned earlier) , let's take example of the guild system , which is copied from a server called hypixel , 

In hypixel you just need to have VIP+ rank ($14 without any sales but there is atleast a 20% sale everytime so basically approximately $10, also its permanent) to crate a guild and it would have all the guild features that any other guild has 

But, in BMC you need to pay $100 to buy this premium guild thing (there are cheaper options too which I'll talk later in this post) , and what it gives is basic things like a Guild tag , tag colours , officer chat and additional member slots, which all you get on hypixel for just a VIP+ rank , 

Now talking about the cheaper packages , you dont get a guild tag , officer chat and stuff i mentioned above , this may seem ok to you but let me explain it to you

First of all BMC guild is a ripoff of the actual guild system of hypixel which means that it doesn't really have anything like guild leveling , GEXP , cosmetics ,leaderboards etc , so basically the only use of a guild is having a guild tag which you are not getting so it's pretty useless 

Basically they are charging a ton of money for something which they copied and that too very badly.

Talking about games like pvp , skypvp , they are pay to win as they give good stuff while PvPing for money.

The dev team (if they have one) is so bad bad that they can't even add QoL stuff which wont need more than an hour to the game for ex build limit shout feature etc.

At last i would like to say talking about features and updates  bmc comes on the bottom , still players are forced to play on it as they dont have a premium account, and the owner simply doesn't care.




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