Bring Underling (Linda) back to Hyperdimension Neptunia

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As a Hyperdimension Neptunia Fan, I, like many before me happened to really enjoy the MK2 character known as Underling. However as many games have gone by, other sub-par villains, such as Pirachu/Warechu have returned to the franchise. Linda's only return to the series seems to have been in the remake of MK2, but that's not good enough. An amazing character with amazing potential, the Underling should make a return after the loss of ASIC to continue her story arc, which ended far too abruptly after the fall of CFW Magic in MK2.

I, knowing I shall not make it very far, will still keep up hope and try to bring my favorite character back to Neptunia. This petition is not just to bring back a sub-par villain, this petition is to bring our community together, united for something. To bring change, no matter how little, to the franchise. We want Idea Factory to listen, and we want to know they're listening. Please, don't think of this as just a silly petition to bring back a minor character, think of this as peace, a bond to bring us all together to get a common goal, and Bring Underling Back! Make Neptunia Great Again!