Place Ton Dou on the 2020 general election ballot!

Place Ton Dou on the 2020 general election ballot!

March 6, 2019
Petition to
Idaho state elections office
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Why this petition matters

Started by TON DOU

As capable and well-intentioned as some of the presidential election candidates may be, they represent political partisanship, which has plagued this nation with divisiveness for far too long.

It is entirely conceivable and possible In the United States for registered voters to elect a nonpartisan president if enough of them join forces as a United People in an effort to do so.

I have started a petition to the general elections administrators in Washington D.C. and every state in the union to be added to the 2020 general election ballot as an independent candidate.

In the states we are able to meet the required number of signatures and/or fees, registered voters of any party affiliation, will have the option of casting their ballots for prioritized humanitarianism.

I have been around for a while and have interacted with people from all walks of life in my travels through this country, and have found there is a part of me that identifies with nearly all of them.

When it is time to vote, and we are not completely comfortable entrusting our futures in the establishment’s chosen candidates, we can almost certainly not be mistaken if we vote for ourselves.

A President has the ability to level the economic and social playing field for every law-abiding citizen, and subsequently unite the people of the nation on their most basic needs and commonalities.

Whether directly or indirectly, these condions, which I would make a top priority as President, affect and determine the quality of life for all of us, and it is for this reason I am getting involved.

If it works out and we fare-well with the required state elections office petition process, I will formally announce my official candidacy for President of the United States in the 2020 election.

Ton Dou

Dear elected and appointed officials,

We the people of Idaho who have signed this petition would like the opportunity to be able to cast our votes for Ton Dou in the 2020 general election, and are kindly asking that his name be placed on the ballot as an independent candidate for the office of President of the United States, so that we can.

Thank you,

Your Registered Voters

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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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