Continued Use of Trail Cameras and Cell Phones in Idaho

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The Idaho Fish and Game Commission has proposed a ban on Trail Cameras, Cell Phones, and other Communications use while hunting. It's all at the bequest of one individual Commissioner's personal feelings regarding the matter. Sportsmen as a whole are opposed, and the commission has provided no specific empirical data that this technology effects the harvest/success rate of hunters. This is a nonscientific idea, causes personal safety concerns, and opens up legal questions regarding search and seizure of your personal cell phone. This Petition has been created to express sportsman opposition to this proposal.

Trail Cameras make it possible for the working class hunter to get some scouting time in, and these cameras have no effect on wildlife harvest. Many Sportsmen use Trail Cameras as a separate form of engagement, capturing wildlife in pictures as opposed to harvesting animals, and collecting and archiving the pictures for enjoyment. They’re also an excellent tool for identification purposes, it’s arguable that this technology actually saves many animals, as the hunter pursues a larger animal based on information the camera provides.

Trailcam and Cell Phone technology already exists, and the majority of hunters already own and use both.  It will be difficult determining parameters and enforcement if this proposal is enacted. Here are some reasons why this will be difficult to enforce:

  • Trailcams are used as security monitoring tools for property owners, so if they capture a picture of a deer is this now illegal?
  • Most all of us use cell phone technology for personal safety, if you get a text from work while hunting is this now illegal?
  • Will this give the conservation officer the right to seize your phone as evidence?
  • If you take a picture of an animal with a phoneskope and text it to someone, or put it on Instagram, are you now breaking the law?

Please sign this petition if you are in favor of allowing continued use of Trailcam, Personal Communication and Safety Devices while hunting.  We don't need another law that burdens Conservation officer resources, and creates enforcement issues. A single Commissioner should not be able to push his ideas on the majority of sportsmen in Idaho. Please Sign.

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