Regularised Airfares - stop targeting the common man

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Year on year, as Air travel is becoming “the” most cost effective and time saving mode of travel, both domestic and internationally, airlines are seeing regulations and standards being set and followed. This includes security, management and overall performance.

However, with all this, the one element that is constantly being overlooked is standardisation and regulation of “air fare”. 

Every nation around the world has defined peak holiday and vacation times. It is typically around this time that the air fares become sky high and deprive common man of this means of transport. This phenomenon affects both domestic as well as international travel. 

However, this is rarely seen in other transport sectors like trains or buses. Borders don’t hike Visa fees, fuel doesn’t automatically become expensive and airports dont charge extra taxes from airlines. 

Yet, almost every airline, freely ups their rates during these periods and there is absolutely no one to question. 

One of the worst affected from these hikes are people who “absolutely need” to travel for emergencies and such. 

In a very recent event, a dear friend had to shell out bulk of his savings to book a flight and go see his ailing father. To the extent, there wasn’t enough in his pocket to buy a return fare. 

This is not to say  that holiday makers deserve to be robbed of their holiday budget. 

Fares fluctuate as much as 150% and there is no logical explanation to this change. In any other business this would be termed as hoarding or something similar, but somehow airlines can get away with it and have been doing this for decades on end. 

Would this be allowed if it came down to your daily milk and bread ? Medicines and healthcare in times of an epidemic ?

Air transport is no longer a luxury and is as much a necessity as any other thing and hence needs to be regulated domestically as well as at an international level. 

Please join me in support of this to help reach the right authorities and get this cause addressed in the best possible way to ensure air travel becomes an affordable travel option for all while making sure the airlines don’t suffer as well. 

Thanks for your support. 



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