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Stop using horse urine!

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Premarin is the commercial name for a medication consisting primarily of conjugated estrogen. Isolated from mares' urine (PREGNANT MARES' URINE), it is manufactured by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (part of PFIZER since January 2009) and has been marketed since 1942. It is used to treat MENOPAUSE.

PEE FARMS, pictured, are hell for the horses. They are constantly impregnated and have "urine collection devices" attached to them. The UCD's are not very hygienic for the mares, since they allow the urine to soak the skin of the vulva, sometimes causing severe infections and painful lesions.

The stalls are 3.5 feet in width making it impossible to lay down or turn around. Horses can lock their legs and doze, but they must lie down for their essential 'deep sleep' period. They become so stressed and exhausted that they 'break down' (A term used by the farms) and go to slaughter.

The total number of mares, replacement mares, stallions, and PMU foals adversely impacted by PMU production is currently estimated by HorseAid to be at over 75,000 per year.


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2. If you're currently taking estrogen-replacement drugs, find out from your doctor or pharmacist if they are PMU based, synthetic, or non PMU organic. If the former, you can demand that your medication be switched to a synthetic or non PMU based organic form of HRT (which reportedly have less side-effects than PMU-based ones anyhow).

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