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Suspend Jeremy Newmark from the Labour Party and report him to the NCC

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Dear Mr McNicol,

It has been reported by LabourList today that Labour Party member Jeremy Newmark has resigned as Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement. This follows an allegation in the Jewish Chronicle, in the Times of Israel and in other media outlets that an internal audit into his conduct when Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council reported that he “deceived the organisation out of tens of thousands of pounds”, and other allegations of a lack of financial probity.

Mr Newmark’s responses to the allegations continue to be at variance with reported testimony from other sources. For example, he has stated that he continues to be consulted by the JLC, which it is reported as categorically denying. He has stated that the JLC did not have a credit card in the period under question, whereas the alleged internal audit quotes him as referring to such a card himself.

These allegations may mean that Mr Newmark’s conduct is incompatible with continued membership of the party under Chapter 6 Clause I.1.C of the Labour Party Rulebook 2017.

Please will you report Mr Newmark’s conduct to the NEC for suspension under Chapter 6 Clause I.1.B of the 2017 Rulebook, pending an investigation into whether he is bringing the party into disrepute, the result of which should be reported to the National Constitutional Committee to impose such disciplinary measures as it thinks fit, if any, under Chapter 1.IX.C of the 2017 Rulebook.

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