I Support Voting Districts in Fairhope!

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Please sign only if you are a registered voter and live inside the City limits of Fairhope, AL.

I support Voting Districts in Fairhope!  Our current form of government elects all council members at-large which lacks true accountability and representation.

Benefits of Voting Districts

          At-large Councils are prevalent in small cities.  As the fastest growing city in the state, it is time to have better representation and accountability on the council level.
          At-large elections can weaken the representation of particular groups such as people of color, especially if the group does not have a citywide base of operations or is an ethnic or racial group concentrated in a specific ward.
          District elections give all legitimate groups, especially those with a geographic base, a better chance of being represented on the city council, especially  communities of color.  
          District council members are more attuned to the unique problems of their constituents such as crime levels, small lot development, trash pick-up, potholes, and recreational programs.
          District elections may improve citizen participation because council members who represent a specific district may be more responsive to their constituency.
          A mixed system like the Council-Manager: More than 20% of municipalities  combine these two methods by electing some council members at-large and some from districts. Mixed systems which provide more district seats than at-large seats are more likely to stand Constitutional scrutiny.

I support Voting Districts!