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I Pledge to Vote for a 3rd Party Candidate for US President

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I just pledged to vote for a 3rd party candidate for US president on November 6th. I am standing up for what I believe in. Please join me!

Taking part in activities to which you are morally opposed tarnishes your soul and poisons your mind. We all do it to some extent. We pay taxes to a government that invariably spends them on things we wish it wouldn't. We buy goods and services from corporations that harm our children and our environment. We allow all manner of horrors to continue without our interference. But to actively choose to support people and actions that go against our core values... it just hurts.  We need to stop voting for the two-party candidates who violate our most fundamental principals.

Voting for 3rd party candidates can bring about real change.  The more we stop compromising on our core values, the more the two-party candidates will have to live up to them. If they don't, the other guy/gal will win. That's how winner-takes-all politics work. Although you can never count on a mainstream politician to be honorable, we can all be sure they will do whatever it takes to keep winning.

So on November 6th, pull that lever/push that button/fill in that bubble/touch that screen for the 3rd party or write-in candidate of your choice. It'll feel good, and it will make a difference.

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