Remove/Change Hypixel Skyblock to Make the Server Less Laggy

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Hypixel Skyblock is a great new game mode added to the Hypixel network on Minecraft. Such an enormous game mode attracts lots of players, but it also creates a lot more lag.

The Hypixel network has seen a tremendous increase in lag ever since the game mode was released. Similarly to how the Hytale trailer somehow made the Hypixel network laggier, my personal theory is that the developers are worried about Skyblock and don't seem to care much about making sure other game modes are lag-free. For players like myself who have been playing on the network for 4, 5, 6 years long, this is a massive issue since we cannot play our favorite game modes like Bedwars and Skywars! 

Additionally, Hypixel Skyblock is probably the furthest you can get from Skyblock while still calling the game mode "Skyblock." Players spend most of their time off of the island, which defeats the whole purpose in the game mode. The play style seems very hyped around grinding, which is very odd for a Skyblock game mode. It's a very complex game with many things to offer, but that introduces many entities, blocks, and other things that the server has to load, which tremendously affects how the server performs.

This petition is not meant to say "we hate Skyblock." However, I never liked the idea of Skyblock being on this network because the Hypixel I know is a minigame server, not a long-term grind. Whether this petition actually removes Skyblock from Hypixel, edits the game mode to be more server friendly, or is just moved to an entirely different network, I hope everyone who signs this petition can vouch for me when I say I want Hypixel to not be Lagpixel.