Change of farmers rights to destroy dogs inhumanly on their property.

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WARNING IMAGES ARE VERY GRAPHIC AND SHOW ANIMAL CRUELTY!!! On the 30th of July Two dogs escaped a property in North Dandalup Australia by digging under a colorbond fence. Within 15 minutes the police and rangers were called by a farmer who in his own right killed the 4 year old siberian husky due to chasing sheep and latching onto a lamb. The farmer was not injured although he claimed he feared for his life hence stabbing zeus the very friendly husky 7 times in the head and neck with a pitch fork. The vet report states Zeus had also a broken jaw and multiple teeth missing, and internal bleeding whilst bleeding out for over an hour in the paddock, before his owner could get vet care. Sadly the best decision was euthanization. Unfortunately RSPCA can not support Zeus as under the outdated Dog act from 1976 farmers have the right to legally destroy any dog on their property with or without injured live stock. Please sign this petition to change the laws for all future dogs who trespass or attack livestock to only be humanly shot followed by rangers and police to be called. #JUSTICEFORZEUS