Make Chronic Wasting Disease Testing Mandatory

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Chronic wasting disease (CWD), is a fatal nervous system disease that affects the deer family (moose, elk, white- tailed deer etc).  It is spread through animal to animal contact, or environment to animal contact. The disease currently does not spread to humans, but you  should avoid eating meat from an animal who has the disease for health and safety reasons. As of right now, testing for CWD is not mandatory, but should be. Hunters can get lazy and not get their meat tested, and potentially eat the meat. Getting the animal tested is also good information for the government, to let hunters know where chronic wasting disease is most at risk in certain species when hunting.


The government should make it mandatory to test for chronic wasting disease. Human health could be at jeopardy, and it lets hunters be more aware to where CWD is most at risk. 


Sign the petition today to ensure the food we hunt is safe from chronic wasting disease. 


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